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Burner Management Systems

Product Summary

Singhania System Technologists Pvt. Ltd.’s  extensive  experience and expertise in combustion technology and Burner systems  has enabled them to develop superior BMS incorporating sophisticated  fault tolerant system  architecture.


Unique design of  SSTPL’s BMS offers flexibility to meet any demanding  requirements whether  new installation or retrofit.  The BMS integrate the operational requirement, provide innovative solution to various constraints.  Whether  single fuel, multi fuel or multi burner  system, Singhania has no limitations regardless of fuel type or firing scheme. PLC / DCS based BMS with communication facility, self  diagnostic features, dual or triple redundancy are available.




Salient Features :


· Greater operational flexibility

· Enhanced safety

· Enhanced Availability

· Fuel integration of all facts of firing system.

BMS - Front Panel

Burner Management Systems

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