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Backwash Filters

Product Summary

Singhania System Technologists Pvt. Ltd. offer Automatic backwash filters for roll coolant applications. The filter helps in continuous filtration operations without stoppage of the plant.



Principle of Operation :


The Backwash Filter consists of the following:


 Filter Screen

 Filter body

 Sludge removal receiver

 Hollow rotating shaft

 Geared Drive Unit

 Automatic backwash valve


Dirty roll coolant enters the filter from the top openings.

The coolant after filtration comes out from the inside of filter element. Therefore, the sludge and dirt gets trapped inside of the filter element screen. After some time, sludge and dirt deposition on the filter screen increases the pressure drop across it, At a preset pressure differential between the inner element chamber and outer element chamber , the filter cleaning shaft mechanism and the automatic backwash valve are operated. This results in the pressure differential between clean side coolant and sludge removal chamber connected to the hollow shaft and the backwash drain. The clean coolant thus flushes the deposits on the filter screen. As the filter element is covered by the sludge for removal of sludge, a small amount of clean coolant is used for backwash operation, without disturbing the normal functioning of the filter. Thus the entire filter element is cleaned at a slow speed. After a few seconds of cleaning, the shut off valve on the backwash line closes, and the drive unit stops.



Salient Features :


 Continuous and automatic filtering action.

 Plant operation not affected during filtration.

 Minimal Maintenance required.

BackWash Filter Schematic

BackWash Filter