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Centralised Oil Lubricating System

Centralised Oil Lubricating System

Product Summary

Singhania System Technologists Pvt. Ltd offers Centralised Oil Lubricating System which ensures adequate supply of Lubricant at specific temperature and pressure for the desired applications.



The Centralised Oil Lubrication system finds application where a large number of points require consistent supply of Lubricants.



A typical Centralised Oil Lubrication System consists of the following:


 An Oil Reservoir, with level alarm and level control

 Lubricant pumping unit


 Online plate type/ shell and tube type Heat exchanger with Temperature Control

 Upstream pressure control system

 Flow metering / alarm system


The above components are customised as per customer needs.



The lubricant is supplied to various mill points at regulated temperature, pressure and flow to keep the rotating parts well lubricated. The heat generated by friction at various points is constantly removed through the oil cooler provided with the system.


The system can be installed on the ground level or in a cellar. When installed in a cellar, the necessary remote control facilities are provided.


The system is so designed the that the lubricant flows back to the reservoir under the influence of gravity. The reservoirs are generally designed to hold 20 times the volume of lubricant circulated per minute.


The complete unit is assembled on a skid with drip tight tray to collect spillage from one point. All the instruments are wired upto the first junction box provided on the unit.

Centralised Oil Lubricating System