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Swirl Flame Rotary Kiln Burners

Product Summary

Singhania System Technologists Pvt. Ltd. has installed over 80 Swirl Flame  Rotary Kiln Burners in India & abroad.  The largest size of the Rotary Kiln Burner manufactured so far is 147 MKCal/hr. on a 11,000 TPD Rotary Kiln which used lignite as a fuel for a Cement Plant.  The Swirl Flame Kiln Burner has a proven track record for satisfactory performance on low grade pulverised Coal, Pet coke, Lignite Agro waste, Low BTU gases, LNG, Natural Gas, Fuel Oil & various liquid waste fuels.  The Burners are customized to suit combination firing with minimum amount of primary air i.e. 5 to 7% depending on the applications.


Firing Range :


2 MKCal/hr. to 147 MKCal/hr. (Perhaps one of the largest Kiln Firing System).


Fuel :


Rotary Kiln Burners as designed to fire any fuel given below alone or in combinations either is given ration or 100% independently

· Pulverised Coal, any grade.

· Pulverised Lignite.

· Pulverised Pet-coke.

· Agro waste such as, groundnut shell, Rice husk, coffee shell etc.

· Shredded tyres, plastic & house hold waste.

· Propane / LPG.

· LNG / CNG.

· Natural Gas.

· Low BTU gases such as Producer Gas, Coke Over Gas, Blast Furnace Gas, Refinery Gas etc/

· Furnace Oil, LDO, HSD, LSHS, and any grade of Liquid Fuel.

· Waste liquid sludge from DG sets and other equipments.


Burner Accessories :


· LPG / Gas assisted ignition system.

· Compressed air assisted / Mechanically atomised Burner Guns.

· Specifically designed Burner Anchors.

· Totally adjustable manual / Electrically operated Burner Trolleys.

· “State of the Art” Flame safe guard & Burner management system.


Salient Features :


· Concentric stable, steady and bright flame formation.

· Better Flame Control.

· Higher Axial Air thrust ensures a Concentric & Concentrated Flame.

· Low NOx Control.

· Low Lever of free lime in product.

· The primary air velocity control through adjustable & variable nozzle tips Control, during operating conditions.

· Rugged & well designed Burner components ensures high component life even with lightly abrasive fuels such as low grade coal with 35-40% ash.

· Specifically designed flame stabilizer ensures quick ignition & flame stability.

· High turn down ratios