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Oil Skimmer

Product Summary

Singhania System Technologists Pvt. Ltd. Offer Drum/Belt/Floating type of Oil Skimmers as per customer requirements. The Drum Skimmer is fabricated from stainless steel or carbon steel, depending upon the type of coolant and duty requirements. The scum is regularly scraped out through a knife blade assembly and is collected in a trough which is connected to a collection drum.


The Belt Skimmer uses an endless type of stainless steel/ metal belts. The rotating belt collects the oil scum/sludge to be removed. The principle of operation is similar to that of Drum Skimmer. However, the collection of scum is done through the flexible hose to the collection tank.



Application :


Oil Skimmers are used in Roll Coolants to clear scum from the Coolant.

Oil Skimmer Schematic

Oil Skimmer Schematic