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Roll Coolant Agitators

Product Summary

Singhania Systems Technologists Pvt. Ltd. design and manufacture Agitators for Roll Coolant systems for proper mixing of water with fatty oils to create the required emulsion. The agitators are designed to take care of uniform homogenization and mixing of water with soluble fatty oils. To achieve this propeller/turbine impeller  is used depending on the application of homogenization of the oil water emulsion.


The shaft and impellers are made either of stainless steel or carbon steel material, as per application requirements.


SSTPL manufactures and supplies high and low speed Agitator systems a per requirement of the customer. For high speed agitation, V-belt drive is used. For low speed systems, agitators are provided with make reduction gear mechanism.



Application :


Roll Coolant Agitators are used for uniform homogenization of the Coolant with water.


Roll Coolant Agitator Schematic

Roll Coolant Agitator