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Industrial Burners

Product Summary

Process Burners


Singhania Process Burners are high performance advance Burners designed specifically for Process Heaters, Furnaces & Boilers.  These Burners are suitable for single Burner or Multiple Burner applications.  Burners can fire multiple fuels in combination or individually as desired by operators.


The Combustion air is divided into two streams of air, which flows parallel to each other.  The core air, which flows past the spinner develops a strong recirculation vortex in the Burner Throat.   The annulus air, which is introduced over the core air also flows past an air spinner and produces a turbulent air zone.  Finely Atomised Fuel jets emitting from a  Singhania Atomiser / Gas Spud is distributed uniformly into these two air streams effecting an intense air fuel mixing. This intense mixing ensures efficient and complete combustion of any fuel.



Salient Features :


· Firing Capacities from 0.5 MKCal/hr to 15 MKCal/hr.

· Multi Burner, Multi Fuel Firing Capabilities.

· Horizontal, Vertical (any position) and inclined mounting.

· Rugged construction, no moving parts and longer life.

· High Combustion Efficiency.

· Lower Emissions.

· Complete Combustion with negligible CO at 1.5% to 2.0% Excess air.

· Higher Turn Down capabilities.

· Custom Design for superior performance to meet wide variety of applications.

· Burners are provided with PLC Based Burner Management System.

· Flame Monitoring by UV / IR Flame Sensors of proven design.

· Pneumatic / Electrical Damper Controls for Combustion Air Flow Regulations.

Register Burners


Singhania’s Register Burners are custom built Burners designed and built in rugged construction to supply an intensely mixed air fuel mixture into a furnace for maximum combustion effectiveness.  This thorough mixing is achieved by the adjustable rotational air momentum & fuel injection pattern.


These burners utilize a vide variety of preformed Refractory tiles to provide flame shaping.  They can utilize different type of atomizers & gas spuds.  Whether installed in industrial furnaces, Boilers or fired heaters, Singhania Register Burners provide great versatility and long trouble free service.


The Pulverised Solid fuel is injected between the two air stream through a specially designed injector located either between the air streams or with Burner axis.  Singhania’s solid fuel burners are of proven design and are operating successfully.


Range :


1MKCal/ Hr to 50 MKCal/Hr.


Salient Features :


· Low Air Pressure Drop.

· Low Power Consumption.

· Wide Turn Down.

· Multi Fuel Application includes Oil, Gaseous and Solid Pulverised Fuels.

· Can work on 10% to 100% Excess Air.

· Flame Stabilizer for stable flame front at all firing rate.

· Single Air Flow or split Air Flow Design.

· Pre-formed Refractory Throat tiles to achieve desired flame shapes.

· Adjustable multi louvers to adjust air spin for optimum air mixing.

Process Burner (Vertical)Register Burner (Vertical)

Register Burners

Register Burner (Horizontal)Process Burner (Horizontal)

Process Burners