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Calciner & Tertiary Air Duct Burners

Product Summary

Cement Industry uses Calciner Burners to have the precalcining of Raw Mills. In general the heat output through Calciner Burners are approx. 60 65% of total heat input for the calcination (clinkerisations) process. Singhania System Technologists Pvt. Ltd. design & manufacture Calciner Burners for any fuel such as Liquid, Gas and Solid Fuels. These Burners can work on a single fuel or with multiple fuel in any combination as desired.


Depending on the design of Pre-Calciner and plant capacity, the Nos. of Calciner Burner can range from 2 to 8.


For initial start up purpose the Calciner Burners are provided with Auto-ignition system, fuel oil lancer gun & flame management & BMS system. The Burner can be provided with wide firing turndown, say 1:10 or more so that it can assist for curing of newly installed refractory lining. The Burners can be installed on ground / overhead trolley carriers for easy removal & maintenance.


Similar to Calciner Burners, Tertiary Air Duct Burner are supplied to heat up the Duct Gases. These Burners are also having the same features as Calciner Burners and are also provided in down fired construction.



Fuel Used :

Calciner Burner with Trolley

Calciner Burners

Gaseous Fuels :


 Natural Gas.


 Low Btu gases.


 CNG etc.


Firing Range :


0.5 MKCal/hr. to 60 MKCal/hr. per Burner.



Accessories :


 Auto Ignition Gas Pilot System.

 Lancers for abrasive & spent Fuel.

 Overhead / Ground Trolleys

 Flame Safe Guard & Burners System

Liquid Fuels :





 Oil Sludge.

 Spent Oil.

 Solvent etc.

Solid Fuels :


 Pulverised Coal.

 Pulverised Lignite.

 Pulverised Pet Coke.

 Shredded Tyre & Tubes / Paper / Plastic & Domestic Wastage.

Calciner Burners (3 Nos)