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Inert Gas Generators

Product Summary

Inert Gas Generator produces Inert Gas by combustion of liquid fuel / Gaseous fuel depending on product quality required.  Air along with fuel at a predetermined ratio is premixed and combustion takes place in combustion chamber. Inert Gas is produced by stochiometric combustion or sub-stochiometric combustion depending on the product quality required



Plant Specifications:


·  Capacity     -            50 to 500 NM3/hr.

·  Oxygen      -            less than 1%

·  CO            -            less than 200 PPM

·  H2               -            less than 5 PPM

·  SO2           -            in traces

·  Nitrogen + CO2-      Balance

·  Dew Point  -            (-) 60șC NTP after Dryer

·  Pressure    -            1000 mmWC (Higher pressure possible by using                                Booster Compressor)



Salient Features :


· Gas Analysis indicated is typical & can be altered to suit customer requirement.

· Plant operation is automatic.

· Inert Gas is produced as soon as combustion starts.

· Skid mounted compact unit.

· Minimum Maintenance work.

· Constant Product Gas analysis.

· Simple Installation and short start up time.

· Low Utility Cost and Capital Cost.

Inert Gas Generator

Inert Gas Generator