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Ammonia Crackers

Product Summary

Ammonia Cracker uses Nickel Catalyst to crack Ammonia into a mixture of Hydrogen and Nitrogen under Endothermic Reaction. Cracked Ammonia thus produced is widely used for Metallurgical Process as well as an alternate to Hydrogen Plant for catalytic purification of Nitrogen gas having oxygen as an impurity.  It is a low cost alternative for production of Hydrogen by electrolysis process and has wide acceptance.



Plant Specifications :


· Capacity 5 NM3/hr. and above

· Nitrogen        -         25%

· Ammonia       -         100 to 300 PPM

· < 5PPM by means of subsequent Adsorption Process

· Hydrogen      -         Balance

· Dew Point     -         (-) 15ºC NTP

· Cracked Ammonia Pressure – 0.2 kgs/cm²g & higher.



Application :


· Metallurgy/ Heat treatment : Annealing, Brazing, Sintering.

· Gas Purification            : Removal of Oxygen impurity to PPM level from Nitrogen Gas.

Ammonia Cracker Schematic

Ammonia Cracker Schematic