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PSA Oxygen Generators

Product Summary

PSA Oxygen System uses synthetic Zeolite as an adsorption agent.  Utilizing the difference in adsorption capacity of Zeolite for Nitrogen and Oxygen, it separates Oxygen from air and produces Oxygen with concentration of 93%.  It is a low cost alternative to the cryogenic separation process.



Plant Specifications :


· Capacity     -            5 Nm3/hr to 1000 Nm3/hr

· Oxygen       -            93%

· Argon         -            4.5%

· Nitrogen      -            2.5%

· Dew Point   -            -60șC



Salient Features :


· Plant Operation Automatic

· Oxygen is produced as soon as the equipment starts.

· Skid Mounted Compact Unit.

· Minimum Maintenance work.

· Constant Oxygen analysis.

· Requires Electrical energy and cooling water.

· Process works at ambient temperature.

· Plant are supplied as "Package Units".

· Simple Installation and short start-up time.

· No special foundation required except compressor.

Oxygen Generator

Oxygen Generator