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Roll Coolant Systems

Product Summary

Singhania System Technologists Pvt. Ltd. offer Roll Coolant systems for various cold rolling applications. SSTPL’s Roll Coolant systems are designed for the precise cooling requirements of Mill rolls and use Mineral Oil based coolants.


A typical Mill requires a main supply pump station, coolant temperature control system (which includes a heat exchanger and temperature control valves), Mill spray stand (consisting of pressure and flow control stations) and a roll coolant diversion system. A part of the spent coolant is passed through pressure plate filtration systems which use diatomous filtration media (fullers earth) for polishing upto 0.5 micron filtration.


SSTPL offers total turnkey installations for such systems, and also undertake the erection of internal piping and commissioning of the system.



Range :


100 LPM to 10000 LPM.



Salient Features :


· Customised design for various metals

· Precise cooling for a range of thickness of metal sheets.

· Wide Range of accessories to suit the customers needs.



Accessories :


¨ Magnetic Separators

¨ Oil Skimmers

¨ Backwash Filters

¨ Agitators

¨ Centralised Oil Lubrication Systems



Applications :


· Aluminium Rolling mills for sheets

· Aluminium Rolling mills for foil

· Carbon Steel Cold Rolling Mills such as 4-Hi, 6-Hi,10-Hi etc.

· Cold Rolling Tandem Mills applications.

· Carbon steel and other metal foil mills.

Roll Coolant System Schematics

Roll Coolant System Schematic

Roll Coolant System

Roll Coolant System

Roll Coolant System Schematics (for Aluminium Mill)